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. >>> the united states has sent more help to haiti. instead of going to africa and the persian gulf, the pentagon diverted 2,000 marines to haiti. the convoy could arrive in haiti sometime today. the united states has started preparing tents at cuba's gawntd guantanamo bay in case of a mass exodus -- at cuba's guantanamo bay in case of a mass exodus. >>> there will be a telethon on fox 5 beginning tomorrow night at 8:00. >>> new this morning, his comeback victory in the massachusetts senate race stunned democrats, many of who are now concerned about the fate of health care reform. now, republican senator-elect scott brown will make his rounds on capitol hill today. sarah simmons joins us live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. well, senator brown will be getting to know his new colleagues on the hill today meeting with senator both sides of the aisle including one. his big backers, senator john mccain, a republican from arizona. also, he will be meeting with his new partner from massachusetts, senator john kerry. now, the timing of his swearing- in is still up in the air. he is still tech
. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the eastern united states or for the mid-atlantic. can you see, as we were saying yesterday, awe lot of that precipitation that you see as far as the snow goes, you see how it hits the mountains and doesn't make it over the mountains. that will be more of the same. we do see off the north and east some development of some light precipitation. right now, 36-degree in the nation's capital. relative humidity, 67%. your forecast for today, partly to mostly sunny. we'll see more clouds this morning than we will it the latter part of the day. the winds will pick up 15, 20 miles per hour gusting up to 30, 35 miles per hour but our temperatures quite nice. we are being look for a high of 50 degrees in the district. >> may as well enjoy it today i guess. >> yes, it will get colder. >> we'll enjoy today then. let's check in with julie wright and get an early look at traffic. >> so far, so good. no incidents to report. traffic volume still flowing at speed at the wilson bridge. all lane are open traveling southbound on 95 and 295 out of laurel head down
states. the only person tried in the united states for a role in the september 11th attacks will stay in prison. a federal court has denied the appeal of zacarias moussaoui. he claimed that prosecutors withheld potentially helpful evidence during his trial and he was restricted in choosing his own counsel. >>> defense giant northrop grumman says it will move its corporate office from l.a. here to the washington area. the company wants to be closer to key government customers. it is looking if a location in d.c., maryland or virginia and hopes to identify one by spring. they make military planes, missiles, ships and other equipment. >>> gilbert arenas has admitted to having unloaded gun in the team's locker room. he in a statement, he says >>> potholes have started to pop up everywhere and bitter cold is to blame. emergency repairs will definitely inconvenience drivers on parts of the beltway. wisdom mart unis on pothole patrol. >> reporter: it is that time of year again. potholes are starting to pop up everywhere and drivers are trying to maneuver around the big bumps in the road. >>
or for the eastern united states and you can see it is a pretty good system that is moving across the eastern u.s. impacting nearly the entire east coast of the united states as part of that storm system that was hitting california hard over the weekend or last week rather. today, rain heavy at times, early this moing. some afternoon sunshine. breezy this afternoon. high early about 61. this afternoon, temperatures will be falling through the 50s. more on today's forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie and find out how people are managing out on the roads. >> it is not easy a lot of stokes skating around trees and wires down across the highways and in some areas, we are talking about standing water especially where they've been busy doing the hot lane work. that hot lane work between arlington boulevard and 66, callers temperature us that right lane is blocked off now because of standing water. allow yourself some extra time on the roads this morning and slow down. we do have reports of some trees down along the right side of the road there so be ver
is starting to set in as survivors wait for food and medical help. >>> the united states has taken the lead in relief efforts. an ircraft carrier will arrive to dispatch helicopters to hard to reach areas. the airport has one runway. a luxury cruise ship is also enroute to provide temporary housing. >>> the country teeters on the brink of violence as one u.n. official says people are slowly getting impatient. >> one problem is the police have simply van under ad long with the government. sherry ly has more. >> reporter: the haitian embassy here continues to coordinate relief efforts and help people find those missing but getting that aid to the earthquake victims has been slow. the u.s. has dispatched thousands of troops and sent tons of food and supplies but aid workers say people are fighting over food and water and the situation is etting worse. in the photographer math of a see still in shock, complete chaos. survivors of tuesday's earthquake in port-au-prince, haiti wander the streets dazed as rescuers desperately search the rubble for any signs of life. >> there are a lot of people in
't rule that out. one former yemeni soldier says if it is united states does get involved, instead of dealing with the 30 or 40 al-qaeda terrorists, they will have millions on their hands. >>> man charged with posing as you secret service agent to get to kathleen sebelius is expected to be in court today. frederick nickerson was arrested last tuesday after authorities say he flashed a phony badge and credentials and made it all the way to her sixth floor office before being spotted by somebody who noticed he wasn't supposed to be there. he is being held at the d.c. jail. >>> he dropped off a customer and the next thing he remembered was waking up covered in blood. police on the hunt for the person who shot a cab driver in the face. it happened saturday just blocks from dupont circle near the u street corridor when the driver droped a fare at 17th and t streets. >> totally unusual. i've lived here for 15 years aces single woman living alone. i've never had a second of feeling uncomfortable. >> effect that drives realizes they're at risk -- everybody that drives realizes they are at
this effect. >> the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and to others in the region. >> the worst earthquake to rock haiti in more than # hundred years. thousands injured and the death toll ignificant. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. thank you for being here. there have already been several aftershocks and the images show the sheer devastation. everything from simple shams to the national palace have collapsed. at least two americans are said to be among the wreckage. it could be some time before we know how many people may have been killed. we'll get a full report coming up in just a few minutes. >> we want to check in with tone way perkins, say good morning to him. >> good news as we begin the warm-up we've been talking about. we'll see our temperatures rise to the seasonal normal. we are heading in the right direction. right now, it is a cold start to the day. 28degrees under mostly clear skies. relative humidity is at 51%. the winds are out of the northwest at nine miles per hour and i think the winds are going to be pretty okay today. ba
begins the long road to recovery, secretary of state hillary clinton says the united states will help but haiti must lead the way. leaders from around the world met in canada to talk about rebuilding efforts. mrs.clinton said that alate (indicatining funds properly is key. also, haiti's prime minister acknowledged relief efforts have fallen short and said it is still a strug toll save lives two weeks following the quake. >>> supreme court ruling has cleared the way if a northern virginia man to die. his name is paul warner powell and he is on virginia's death row. back in 1999, he killed a 16- year-old girl and raped her sister inside their manassas home. yesterday, the supreme court refused to hear his appeal. >>> how close do you keep your cell phone at night. one illinois tamer dozed off while texting and woke up to a hole in her blanket and burns on her stomach. both were caused by the phone. at&t is the phone's manufacturer. the company is looking into the issue. >>> change is on the way for tourists at the national archives. starting sometime next month, you won't be able to tak
achieved his aim of humbling the united states. the magazine says oma he claims bin aden is worth more to the united states than dead because his death could release he venge attacks by militants. >>> conan o'brien's run on nbc is coming to an end tonight. conan's final desk, tom hanks, will ferrell and neil young. he will be free to start on another network after september 1st. so far, fox is the only network that has expressed interest. meantime, jay leno will return to the tonight show on march 1st. >>> a lot of people are coming forward to help the people of haiti including man young people. >> coming up next, we'll introduce to you one local person who is lending a helping hand to haiti even before disaster struck. >>> we are checking your morning commute and your forecast and school closings. you are watching fox 5 morning news. everywhere you look it's happening a return to saving choosing less over more solid is making a comeback for solid savings, come to suntrust. live solid. bank solid. >>> we had winter weather move overnight and we have a few school closings and delays to
to identify the man but no one was found. >>> passenge on flights headed into the united states from abroad face tougher security screening and people from 14 countries will undergo pull body patdowns and also be asked to walk through full body scanners. the goal is to keep potential terrorists off planes. the failed bombing plot he on christmas day sparked the changes. >>> a person passing by around 11:00 sunday morning spotted a car upside down in a creek just south of the p street overpass. rescue crews chiped away at the ice and found2 #-year-old joshua coleman inside. it was too late. -- 22-year-old joshua coleman inside. it was too late. fire officials are not sure how long he had been there. >>> the expected firing of redskins coach jim zorn. according to an official with the nfl, he will be fired sometime today. the redskins wrapped up the disain't position season yesterday falling to the chargers 23-20. following the game, zorn was asked about reports that he is out. >> i have had no indication of that and i would not even comment on that until -- there re a lot of things out there
robert gates says the united states military is sending additional ships to help with the earthquake recovery including one that could remove debris that is blocking the main port. relief is also coming from the sky, parachud in. it seems things are not happening fast enough. clean water is scarce or nonexist the for a lot of people in port-au-prince and other towns and patients are screaming with pain in makeshift hospitals that lack food, water and medicine. >> we have a. area right here where a helicopter can literally land. i was told there are ships at the dock waiting to see patient. there is nobody transporting them. >> the u.n. is now sending an additional 3500 troops and police officers. the security force is necessary to get the spiraling situation under control and also to get relief to people a little bit faster. >>> in the meantime, the navy hospital ship based out of baltimore is approaching the shore of haiti. the usns comfort should arrive near port owe brings province by mid-morning today. it left baltimore on saturday carrying about 550 medical staff. the hospital a
the united states. >> could the north be ready to turn over a new leaf. >>> as we head to a break now, scenes from last night's dick clark's rockin' eve. have you gotten your seasonal flu vaccination? great - but your work's not done yet. we still need to get the h1n1 flu vaccination. you, me -- we should all get one. the vaccine is safe and proven effective against this highly contagious new strain of flu virus. we can help prevent the spread of this virus if we all just roll up our sleeves. to learn more about the h1n1 flu vaccination visit or call your local health department it's up to you to fight the flu. >>> if you would hear, god, the cries of your people on behalf of those who have lost their loved ones. >> there was a candlelight vigil last night to honor young murder victims in the district. the northeast outreach youth center holds the vim ill every year to remember those killed in the past year. >>> making headlines this morning, more violence in pakistan to start off the new year. pakistani officials say three people were killed in a u.s. missile strike near the afg
salaries. that is why president obama wants to make loan repayments easier. >> in the united states of america, no one should go broke because they chose to go to college. the expanded income-based repayment plan would cap student loan payments at 10% of income over 150% of the poverty level. that is 16,242 for 2009. it's savings of hundreds of dollars a some over standard payment plans. as long as you have aa paid to time, the balance would be forgiven afternoon 0 years but become taxable income in year 21. for those who pursue careers in public service, the balance is for given after just 10 years and is not taxable. >> i think that makes sense. just make it easier. i think that would help everyone. >> the catoe institute argues that the tilt toward public jobs is unnecessary. >> when you look at wages an benefits compared to the equivalent job in the private sector, they are doing far better with much greater job security. >> reporter: there is no such thing as free money. projections range from $2 billion to $7 billion for the expanded program being money, he says, that will com
to save lives. the people of hatey will have the full support of the united states. >> reporter: the international red cross believes about a third of haiti's nine million people are likely in need of emergency aid. craig boswell, fox news. >> as earthquake survivors haiti remain stunned, they are still searching for loved ones and getting help from the d.c. area. >>> more on a charity headed to haiti and more on how you can help. >>> we are continuing to watch is raging tanker truck fire. this is at montrose road and 270. it has been burning now for about an hour. the good news here is that they're about to reopen 270 southbound so that should help the commute a little bit. we'll have much more on this when fox 5 morning news returns. it's not fun. my dry skin is deep down uncomfortable. [ female announcer ] new nerogena moisture wrap body lotion wraps and seals hydration deep inside, improving skin's condition 2x more than eucerin original. heal on a deeper level. [ female announcer ] new moisture wrap body lotion. >>> he belted out love balance loads in his forceful mischin v
united states as well. and today more cold. take a look. i'm show you the current temperatures. you are used to it by now. maybe you never get used to it. you are used to hearing me talk about it. i'll say that. 29-degree here in washington. we've got some 30s out there. 30 in annapolis. 0 in leonardtown. quantico at 29 -- 30 in leonardtown. satellite-radar composite for today -- or for this morning, some snowfall across portions of pennsylvania. some of that pushing southward but most of it breaking up before it hits here. i think julie wright mentioned she saw some snow on her way in this morning. i would not rule out some snow showers with snow flurries during the course of the morning hours since it is in the vicinity. now, talking about that snow for the end of the week, it is looking a little more certain now that we'll get the snow. it will come to us from the west and then we'll see a coastal low form. starting with wednesday morning, that is today, right? yeah. are you all right, jim? jim just passed out over there. we've got some snowfall in here. by thursday night, we sta
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15